Feature Request: Intuitive New Topic Posting Placement

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What does it do?

It would be excellent if new forum posts on the campaign boards would default to posting in the category or subcategory that the user has currently navigated to. So if I've navigated to the "Journals" section of my game's RP board, then the new posts would generate in that area. If I've navigated to "Off-Topic", then the posts would generate there. Naturally, the drop-down menu would still exist to allow users to change their desired posting location.

What would it look like?

I believe it would be simplest to implement this feature by simply defaulting the selection on the dropdown menu for the location of the new post to the forum or subform that the user has currently navigated to.


I see many of my users posting their posts in the main board section rather than the section they intended to. This seems like a few lines of code attached to the "Create New Topic" button that would remedy this (admittedly minor) inconvenience. Moreover, it would make the forum function more as a traditional forum and increase its ease of use.
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June 2022
Baldur's Gate

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