Player looking for Online Exalted group!

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Hey there! As the post suggests, I'm looking for an Exalted group.

System and Setting: Looking for 2.5e Exalted, set in Creation. Don't mind good homebrew material though. =)

Meeting and Scheduling: I'm looking for a group that would probably play online over Skype. Tabletop tools like Roll20 are okay, but I've not experience with most of them. I've a fairly free schedule these days, so specific times and days aren't a huge issue for me, though North American time zones are going to be easiest to schedule with for me.

Other: I'm still fairly new to the Exalted setting, I've only been playing for a few months, but I really love it and enjoy it. I've a good grasp of the basic mechanics that make up the game, but looking to immerse myself more deeply in the setting and start exploring other things I've not had the chance to yet. I'm an experienced RP'er and Tabletop gamer who can adapt reasonably to all styles of story; I'll do just as well with a story of Blood and Glory as Intrigue and Diplomacy.

Hope to hear from any ST's out there looking for players! =)


  • Daiklave
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    Hello PapaRik, I've been looking for people to play Exalted with for a long time, and I wonder how your search goes for a Skype group? Have you found anyone? Are you looking for players or a storyteller? Let me know if you've found anything! Thanks!
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