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Is it possible to have a banner and a tagline visible at the same time?


  • GamingMegaverse
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    Guess I am not clear as to what you want.... The Banner with the Tagline just below, or something different? Check out my site- it may help you describe what you are looking for...
    "A God...Rebuilt":
    "OP's COTM April 2012":

    Just trying to help out.

  • BarryBybax
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    I'm not sure. I guess I'd want to see what looks best. Either the tagline between the banner and the line or beneath the banner.

    The way it is now, even if you shrink the banner the tagline disappears if you have any banner at all. It seems to be one or the other.

    I guess another option is to edit the banner itself (more like yours) and put the tagline in the pic.
  • Basileus
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    That's also what I've done (placing the tagline in the image that I use as a banner).

    You are entirely correct - if there is a banner image then the tagline element is not present on the page at all, so you can't manipulate it to make it visible.

    However, if you're an Ascendant member, there are a couple other options:

    # You could use an ::after pseudo-selector to dynamically place a tagline after the banner image, but it wouldn't be consistent across browsers.
    # You could remove the banner image from your campaign settings, and then use CSS to style the #banner-container ID with a background-image and correct sizing. This would display a banner-like image at the top of your campaign pages and you'd still have the tagline as well, but wouldn't show up as a banner in search results, profile listings, etc...
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  • BarryBybax
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    Thanks guys!
  • Basileus
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    Sure thing. If you decide you want to pursue one of those options and need some assistance with the code, let us know. There's usually somebody hanging around on the forums who can help.
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