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I'm John, and I'm looking to GM a Dresden Files campaign. It's been a while since I last played, but I've been re-reading the books to prepare myself for posting this very message. Hopefully it nets me some players.

To begin with, I've not edited the campaign page much (or at all, really). That is by design. With Dresden Files, so much of the campaign set-up is collaborative, I want the campaign page to reflect the creativity, input, and effort of the group -- not just some guy sweating over his laptop in the freakin' Texas heat. Like the book describes, I'd like to create the city and faces as a group -- it's a party for all of the people!

The method of play is pretty simple. In an earlier campaign I ran, we used an instant messenger with a group chat as the main RP window, with one-on-one IM's used in the event that the group split, an OOC question came up, or any other time there was a need for a measure of secrecy. For dice rolls . . . I had used a fudge dice roller I found online, and then trusted my players. I know some may think that naiive, but if you can't trust your players, why are they there?

Scheduling is pretty open, though I'd prefer to play on a Saturday. What time on Saturday (or Sunday) is up for negotiation. It'd have to take place on a weekend, though, as I work pretty demanding hours Monday through Friday.

In closing, please let me know if you'd be interested in playing! Send me a message or a friend request (or whatever it is they call it on Obsidian Portal), and we'll talk!
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