Dot Point Justification (with the indent being to the "dot" instead of the left hand margin)



  • IanHoulihan
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    But before I do...

    In the Adventure Journal area, the display looks terrible if you modify the size of the text. Anyone else tried to do something different here?
  • IanHoulihan
    Posts: 79
    Played with some of the fonts. I'm liking it. Now though I want to know how to create more H-Types so I can have H7, H8, and H9 so I can make them different again without messing with things too much.
  • Basileus
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    Well, it isn't going to be recognized as a new type of header element (that's beyond the scope of what we can do with CSS on Obsidian Portal), however you can sort of simulate it by creating your own classes called "h7, "h8", and so on. In your CSS you'd do something like this (with whatever actual styling you want):

    @.h8 { font-family: Arial; font-size: 48px; color: red; }@

    Then on the page you'd use something like this:

    @Test New [email protected]

    Its slightly more work than headers, but easier than inline styling if you have several places you want to use the same look.
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  • IanHoulihan
    Posts: 79
    In the Adventure Journal I have tried to change the font to h6 across the board (but only put the code for each page rather than a generic rule). When you view the Adventure Journal Summary, the text is larger, more bold and crushed together.

    This is obviously a Generic setting for Obsidian Portal. How can I change that?
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