Regnum (CotM Feb. 2014) needs ONE MORE player!!

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"Regnum":, featured as Campaign of the Month in February, is looking for ONE MORE player. Currently, three of our players play also in "killervp's": featured campaign and OP Fan favorite, "A God Rebuilt": .

Our campaign is a fantasy world that takes place in a world conceived by the incredible mind of one of "Palladium Books'": most brilliant former freelance writers, BILL COFFIN!! We have expanded greatly with Mr. Coffin's original idea, always with the his same vein in mind. Our fantasy campaign may have elves and dwarves that were brought from the Palladium world, but it has a threat-level that feels more like RIFTS Earth! So if you LOVE Bill Coffin-esk writing...If you want to expand on a world...if you want a bit of fantasy and a bit of Rifts-like elements...if you want to play with a bit of POWER...THEN THIS IS THE CAMPAIGN FOR YOU!!!! Come join us.

We meet over Skype every OTHER Friday at 7 pm MDT (6PM PDT). We use roll20 as a gaming platform. We are also required to write an official log every 5-6 sessions, round-robinning the duty. If you feel that you can live up to that commitment give "myself": or "AZ_Rune": by Obsidian Portal message mail!! We look forward from hearing from you!


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    As a former player in this campaign (had to drop due to Fridays being a bad day for me), I heartily endorse that this is great fun, and a very different gaming experience.... someone will be truly lucky to join this group.....

    Just trying to help out.

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