Dresden Files RPG Campaign Looking for Players!

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Hi everyone! I've been wanting to play a Dresden Files game for a while now and have been actively looking for a GM for a couple of weeks and finally found someone who is willing to run something. He's currently set me to rounding up players and gauging interest in the game.

Currently nothing is decided upon. We'll likely be doing city/character creation as a group, as per the norm. If you're interested please feel free to email me at [email protected] so that I can begin to gauge the number of players we might have.

​Thank you,
​-- Tom


  • tommy19
    Posts: 62
    Really? No interest at all?
  • Nightangel_fvr
    Posts: 1
    I love the game and might be interested but where are you?
  • NikMak
    Posts: 379
    and what time zone?
  • MachineGunHarry
    Posts: 114
    What sort of format are you looking at (Skype, Live, PbP...)?
  • tommy19
    Posts: 62
    Sorry, I keep forgetting I don't get email updates when people post.

    The game will be played online using Skype for voice chat and roll20.net mostly only for dice rolling because it's more convenient. Myself and a couple of the other players are in EST, however our GM is in Spain. So as long as you're willing to work with us we should be able to accommodate most time zones.

    If you want to guarantee that you reach me, best to use the email address above.
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