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I think instead of the usual recruitment post I'm going to try something different. The fact of the matter is that over the last six years, since our group start gaming via virtual table top, it has been difficult to recruit people who would be committed to gaming every week. I have no doubt that most people that play pencil and paper games online know first hand how difficult it can be recruiting the right people. Bottom line, we just want some good reliable people to game with every week. To share in the adventure with us, to chat with, to laugh with, and yes even argue with if it's something important. Quality people is what we are looking for. Not the rage quitters, power gamers, munchkins, or the gawd awful annoying folk that seem to lurk around like trolls under a bridge waiting to pounce on the next unsuspecting game that comes by. My vision is simple and yet because of my experience with pnp gaming online it seems almost impossible. A group of 5-6 people who meet like clockwork every week to play the games they love and who enjoy each others company. I guess I'm still optimistic though because if I wasn't I'd just give up and play some stupid mmo.

So with all that said here is the pitch.

We are a stable group that has been together for six years. We are all over 30 years old. We enjoy many genres, but fantasy is the favorite. We are open to playing most systems or games though there are a few we aren't interested in. We've played a lot of Savage Worlds over the years though over the last couple years we've become very interested in the Pathfinder system and the adventure paths. Our virtual table top of choice is MapTool, but we are open to trying others provided they are as user friendly. We use Skype for voice chat, so a working mic is a must. If you've never used voice chat in game before all I can say is don't worry. It makes the games go faster and the jokes a lot funnier.

Since most of the group works our schedule is tight. That being said though we have some how managed to game on pretty much the same night at the same time every week. Our game time is Thursday 8pm to 1am Eastern Time Zone. This can be tough for some, but if you love to game like we do then you make the sacrifice of a few hours of sleep that night...or take a nap before hand like a few of us do on occasion.

Now here comes the real kicker that has had our group unsure of the future lately. What this group needs more then anything is a good lead GM. Some one who loves running games and wants run most of the campaigns. This seems to be the toughest person to find. I'm of the opinion, and I'm sure many will agree, that you have to have a love of Game Mastering to be a good one. Probably tons of GMs out there who would love this group too, the trouble just seems to be finding one. You don't need to be the most experienced either. Just have a love of gaming like we do. That said we won't be bringing in new players until we've found a new GM, which just makes sense. Apologies to all the players out there, but we gotta find a new GM first. Players are honestly a dime a dozen, but a good GM is rare like a pink unicorn or a sane gnome.

So to sum up.
-Looking For: Lead GM
-Game Time: Thursday 8pm to 1am EST
-Virtual Table Top: MapTool (or something better)
-Voice Chat: Skype
-Game/System: Open for discussion.

If the time works for you and you are interested in joining a stable group as our lead GM send me a private message and we'll get this ball rolling.

Thanks for reading and good gaming everyone.


  • WDietsche
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    Hey there, I'm definitely interested and have pretty good availability which fits what you're requesting. I'm a bit younger than all of you (23), but have played DnD among other tabletop games for about 10 years now. I have experience GMing, and am willing if that helps. We have slight discrepancies in regards to the mode of playing. If any of you are familiar with a chromebook it's my main means of playing, and with it Google hangouts rather than skype is an option, and maptools altogether is an issue. If you're still interested after all is said and done, by all means let me know. I'm itching to get the dice rolling!
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