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hey everyone!
here's my deal:
if i can't find a game that i can play in, then i'll create my own. set in eberron since i like clockwork stuff and airships and whatnot. following the rules, but not so much to limit everyone having fun. my imagination is deep, and i know my gm style will be something you'll look fwd to every sunday night.
i'll be starting with a from-the-ground adventure.
the founding player characters will come armed with excitement about their roles. time to go deep. time to take a level 1 and run with people to 20.
mature players please (as mature as d&d dorks can be, anyway).
the cap is going to be 4 at first.
possible recording of gameplay.
the point is to decompress and have fun doing magic and/or swords on sunday night. so, start hollering at me to play!
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