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Hello been on here for a while but I've only just started figuring out how to use OP ^_^

I'm running a new World of Darkness campaign from their book Innocents about children in the WoD setting. My campaign is called Innocents Lost (super original I know) and I'm only just started putting NPC's and the like into here but I would love a place to go over plot idea's and stuff and this sounded like an awesome site for all that. I'm going to guess the general discussion section is where that sort of thread should be posted?

Anyways it's a please to be a part of this awesome site :D

You can see my campaign at:


  • Basileus
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    Hi wavewatcher,

    If you like, you can PM Thorvaldr about joining Plot Club. Folks there discuss plot ideas in secrecy where nosy players won't see what you have planned for them
  • twiggyleaf
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    Hi wavecatcher

    That's a good suggestion from Basileus. I just wish to say hello. Welcome into the open.

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