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Hi everyone

I'm new to the site(some hours) so maybe i'm saying something already said(and i really hope this is the right place to talk about this, if not i'm really sorry).

Well, first of all i want to apologize beforehand for any error i might type down , as a non native speaker .
Secondly , here's the idea(but a little incipit first):

i have played GDR (mostly d&d/pathfinder) for quite the years now , even i don't remember precisely (11 years maybe?).
One of the thing that i have loved the most about this kind of games is that , as in the real world, everything you do (or at least the most important thing ) will remain in the world you are playing in.
Unfortunately for various reason ( character with a level too high; missing the time for a long campaign; the will to play only "one shot"/short term stories; changing often the ambientation) it happens that your character deeds goes lost, or hybernater(or worse forgotten) for who knows how long, and the same happen to the worlds. What happen to the king you have resqued?The evil lich lord will return claiming vengeance?and more importantly, wht about that druid of yours that you loved so much ?
Obviously in a long term campaign a master can go on the story, allowing the char to reach allways highter level and kind of adventure , but in mine experience i've allways noticed how even the most skilled GM can follow only some storyline simultaneusly well enought to give any one of them(the storylines) the right dept.( ok the king is saved and keep on his just ruling, but what the other countries? , the missing of the king affected them i some way? The lich lord is defeated but he threatened more than one kingdom, did every kingdom sent )

Probably i'm overthinking and just making a big fuss of it , but a desire of mine in the last years was to create a word were more than one party (and more than one game master ) live and venture, and that the various quests affect the world itself(in various degree of importance of course)
(using the early examples : the king is saved (party #1) and keep on ruling the kingdom . Unfortunately while paty#1 was traveling and fighting with the pourpose of freeing the king ,in the neighboring kingom party #2 was fighitng against an army o gnolls, and they managed to push the army back! Army that is now aiming at a kingless kingdom hugry of vengeance on the humans and on conquest!!! will party # 3 succeedin protecting the kingdom while party #1try rescuing the king?)

long story short(yea i'm sorry i wrote too much) i'd like to create a world that it's really alive and changing with the choice, wictory and death of the various characters, and i'm looking for game masters eager to try this experiment with me.
Obviously the only fixed thing is the starting background and guiding line of the world that must be one and only one for the purpose of ideological unity . everything else is in the hand of the masters

So, in addition to belive i'm not that right in the head(you're absolutely right) what do you think about it? anyone want to try and join me?

fell free to ask about anything (especially since i probably wrote in a way that it's easy to understand only inside my head)


  • ketherian
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    Hi ansgarwolfsang.

    Your english is fine. Please don't worry - I understood your post.

    I love the idea of continuity in the game's story (that multiple parties affect the future and their effects can be seen through the passage of time). I've never GM'ed long in a shared world, so in my campaigns the party tends to develop a reputation both locally and (eventually) nationally. Since they don't know what would have happened if the party fails in their assigned tasks - it is hard to regularly show that they have an effect on the world. Occasionally, I introduce them to adventuring parties that are going off to do other things; and they do hear stories from time to time. But by making the party the centre of the story the idea of detailing the effects other groups have on the world is very hard to do.

    I currently run a game in "HarnWorld":http://www.columbiagames.com/harn/ - which is a predefined world with very detailed backgrounds; so I'm not sure that would be helpful for you. And my next campaign won't start for at least two or three years (I hope possibly further on). So, while I'd love to help out, I'm not sure how.

    Did you intend to create a shared obsidian portal site - allowing many people to write stories about a shared world? SOmething similar to the "Fantastinomicon":https://the-fantastinomicon.obsidianportal.com ?

    "Signs & Portends":https://swtwc.obsidianportal.com
  • ansgarwolfsang
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    please just Ansgar, it's shorter.

    what you said it's exactly what i intended in my post. (your quote "But by making the party the centre of the story the idea of detailing the effects other groups have on the world is very hard to do.") My aim is exactly to surpass this "problem" .While a single master cannot and also have no reason in handing the player with "unnecessary " informations.

    So yeah the idea is quite like Fantastinomicon . But (from what i have understood so long) while Fantastinomicon aim to create a world , trough further and further additions to the world itself , my aim is to keep the world as it is (or it will be as i finish to create it XD) and instead change what in the world happens.
    I'm not interested in some master telling me "in my adventure i inveted this kingdom " but "in my adventure , the players did this in the (already existing and generated) XYZ kingdom " Then, is the players did something epic, or relevant the whole world , and thus all the GMs will acknowledge the deed (The chars killed the king? Very well , that means that if another party(#2) was engulfed in a war wit that kingdom,the master of the #party need to take note of the happening and "change" his storyline .Ofc mine is an extreme example but was made to simplify my goals)

    well i thank you for the support, and worry not . if the project keep on and you get free in two years i'll be happy to have you joining.(Also , it may not interest you or differ from how you and your friends like to play , but for example in my group we often play more than one adventure with the purpouse of not keep the same story for too long (usually we rotate with 3 different adventures at time changing from one to the other every 6-10 session . in this way we can change setting and chars and more importantly allow our Masters to have enought time to write their adventures down time after time [you know, because of the work or the study commitments one have,]

    Thanks for the comment ^^
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