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Anyone here who plays and codes mods for minecraft I wanted to bring a mod to your attention as it needs help with coding. Called Mine-Fantasy it is by far my favorite mod adding many new tiers of technological development and all around making minecraft into a D&D type game. It even adds really well scripted dragons!! Seriously amazing mod but the guy who made it did so a very long time ago and the code is so messed up now with the new updates he basically has to do a rewrite of the entire mod which he cannot do on his own so if any of you are interested in helping out pop over there and shoot him a message!

"Minefantasy Page":http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1238049-164-minefantasy-b10-beta/
"Minefantasy Wiki":http://minefantasywiki.wikidot.com/
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