Classic D&D in SE MA (face to face)

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Who we are
We run a weekly D&D game at our home between exits 10 & 11 off of rte 3 on the South Shore of MA. We meet every Saturday (with some few exceptions) from 10 am to whenever enough people have left to call it a night. We have stopped as early as 5pm, and as late as 1am. The game has been running for several years although the players have changed as folks move, schedules change, etc., as has the game system (Classic->AD&D->2nd edition->3rd->3.5->4E->Pathfinder) over the years.

We currently have seats available in our Classic Dungeons & Dragons campaign.
We get off track, laugh, make obscure Monty Python references and generally have a good time. For us, KotDT could be a personal blog.
As often as possible in the good weather we play outside in a dreaded gazebo.

Who we're looking for
Players who can commit to a weekly Saturday game from 10am on. Obviously life happens but we like to play as often as we can. We believe in the motto "the game must go on."
You can't be allergic to cats. You must fear nothing (except turtles). Ok, that last part is optional.
Knowledge of the game is not required; a desire to have fun is.

Please contact me if you have any interest in playing.
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