[Fate Core] Galactic Mercenary Adventure. Seeking 1-2 Additional Players

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Hello! So, my group is seeking 1-2 players for our Space Opera merc team game. Called Starborn: Galactic Mercenary, this is a setting our group has used for a few years now, and has become very solidly defined and ripe for all sort of interesting and fun adventure. The overall tone and style is similar to a Firefly, or Cowboy Bebop style space opera featuring a ragtag group of scoundrals, smugglers, bounty hunters, and rogues, operating just a little south of the law, for fame, fortune, and the love of money. A lot of the lore and background can be found on our campaign page here: https://starborn-galactic-mercenary.obsidianportal.com

We play online via virtual tabletop (Maptool) with a Ventrillo server. The Basic game set-up is to use Maptool for all visual references, dice rolling, and the text chat as a means of text-based roleplay. Basically, the RP/IN-Character storytelling will live in the text chat and the virtual tabletop, while we use the Ventrillo server for all other communication and socializing thoughout the game session. We're Going to be meeting Sunday Evenings, from about 5:30 to 11:30 EST

Currently we have 3 set players, 1 still undecided, plus our GM, and will be using the Fate Core system with a few additional extras to represent the setting' psionics (which aresimilar to Mass Effect's Boitics). We're looking for 1-2 players to fill out the "Crew",possibly 3 if our 4th undecided player drops out.

Our three players have characters completed, and to be as brief as possible, fulfill the following roles: The Gadget Maker/Mechanic, The Hacker, and the Brawler/Ex Mob Enforcer. There's plenty of opportunity to fill out many different roles, including the ever-important Ship's PIlot!

I'll be more than happy to any any question about the game it's setting and it's lore. Looking forward to finding a few good people to join us!


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    -brain aneurysm-

    Sounds like a campaign setting I'd enjoy, and I'd love to play in a Fate Core game, but I'm not sure I would fare well in a text-based game that isn't play-by-post. Would y'all be open to an observer for a session, just to see if its a group/playstyle I would mesh with? If not, or if the open slots get taken by players who can commit in the meantime, I totally understand.
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    Hey, sorry for the late reply, had a bit of a busy day!

    But...that would not be a problem at all. If you want to join us next sunday and observe a session, you're entirely welcome too. You can also check out the Adventure Logs section of our Portal page, we did a test run session tonight to familiarize our players with Fate who are new to the system. While none of the actual discussion on aspect use and all that is there (that was on vent) you can totally get to read through the entirety of the night's RP.
  • GamingMegaverse
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    Welcome to the portal. I suggest you try "Looking For Players":http://forums.obsidianportal.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=1527&page=1 . This has links to a number of suggestions, including pen and paper games. I have found players for my game at pen and paper myself.
    "A God...Rebuilt":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/a-god-rebuilt
    "OP's COTM April 2012":http://blog.obsidianportal.com/a-god-rebuilt-aprils-cotm/

    Just trying to help out.

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