Need dedicated, not flaky players in Oregon!

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I am a Pathfinder DM looking for players who want to be a part of a long-term campaign. I keep having players flake out and drop out and it forces me to start over or redo what, in essence, has already been done. I'm growing bored of it and extremely frustrated as a result.

I am in the Portland Metro area, and would be keen to meet some of you crazy kids. Perhaps get to know one another and test the waters to see if we are gaming compatible. Please, come forth so that I may see your faces in the light!

Too nerdy? Bah, this is D&D... there is no such thing as too nerdy.


  • WolfLord
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    You'd think the weird city would have all kinds of d&d nerds haha. From Corvallis myself, good luck on your hunt :P

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