Star Wars: Rogue Traders Finale!

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Hello fellow OP's

I just wanted to announce that mid last year, after over; five years of planning; 2 and a half years of play-time; 100 game sessions; 6 players, hundreds of miniatures; 250 bags of chips (I don't want to guess how much beer and softdrink), 60,000 words of campaign notes, 1 Ascendant membership, 130 Adventure Log entries, 5 PCs, 50 NPCs, 30 items, 120 Fans, 25 friends, 200 unique illustrations and May 2012's Campaign of the Month… *Star Wars: Rogue Traders* has finally come to its conclusion!

June 2013, was our final session, having played out the central storyline and the character arcs of each player. Since then, I've been trying to finish the last illustrations, convince my players to write their final Journals and clean up the site. Whilst there will be a bit of ongoing maintenance and final polishing, almost all the hard work is done now, so if you ever wanted to read through the campaign from start to finish, now would be the time (if people actually do that?)!

It was my hope to present a true 'open world' (as dirty as that word sometimes is these days) for my players to adventure in and I think the players' incredible Journals really show just how they did indeed 'play' with the world and made it their own. It's been an incredible journey both on the site and at the table…

_I would like to thank…_
My players, as always, for their dedication, enthusiasm and friendship.
Those friends who helped along the way, in any way.
My family who have supported my love of the hobby (and let me host the weekly game) for the last 15 years.
The OP team, not just for the site but for great customer service.
The OP veterans who have provided advice and support either directly or through the Forums.
The Fans of SW:RT who've emailed me or invited me to play in their own games.
The designers of the gone but not forgotten (and still relevant) Star Wars D6 system.

And finally, George Lucas and all the creators who served as inspiration for the Star Wars universe.

As a final note, I'm a professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer.
As a special memento for my players, I created a 150 page, full colour, softcover 'sourcebook' collecting all the player's Journals, my illustrations, NPCs, Planets and items and a little bit more… It was an epic task but It was a pretty nerdelicious result.
I will be making a .pdf version of the book available for download through the site and I'm considering making the non-profit print version available too, to anyone interested.

Whilst *Star Wars: Rogue Traders* is over, I'm still here, updating the site and playing in the *Pathfinder* campaign "*Rise of the Runelords: Varisia's Angels*":
Same crew minus one (sadly), published through my account but with Xanoxan as the GM.
We intend to play the whole Adventure Path through and for now the Journal is my character's alone (illustrated by her!)
Check it out, comment, fan it (if you like it!) and keep OP'n!

"*Star Wars: Rogue Traders*": May 2012 Campaign of the Month
"*Rise of the Runelords: Varisia's Angels*":


  • Basileus
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    That's pretty awesome, DamienMaster! Always cool to see an extensive campaign come to a satisfying conclusion. Plus it sounds like you and your team really took it to the next level - looking forward to the sourcebook!
  • GamingMegaverse
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    Good luck with your next campaign! Your Star Wars campaign had some of the most unique art, and great logs written by all of your players. Enjoy your new game, without the burden of being the GM!
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    Just trying to help out.

  • ketherian
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    Wow. What a great way to end the campaign.

    I'd really like to see the PDF - as I'm always interested in game caps (gifts given by the GM to players at the end of a long-running game). In my past I've done - mugs & stickers (depicting heraldry and metals the party members earned), and received a stylized picture of our characters at 20th level. And, while I hope my current game is still in its infancy, finding a cap for it is an occasional thought.

    I wonder, do all GMs focus on caps? Not all the games I've been in have presented such -- but I always thought that caps were only relevant when the group holds together until the finale.

    - Ketherian
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  • Maesenko
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    I have only played in one game that actually ended; all of the others have fallen apart for one reason or another, most commonly to the fact that we all are or were college students and time ran out.

    I have never really heard of the term 'game caps' before, but I like the idea.
    If I didn't already figure my current campaign were heading for a fall-off point without some serious action on everyone's parts, I would consider a reward for the end of the story, likely some artwork commissions or something.

    For now, I'm more concerned with current affairs than future ideals.

    EDIT: Silly me, I forgot to congratulate the campaign's completion. So, Congrats and a job very well done!

    "Whispers in Tamris":
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  • saethone
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    Congratulations on finishing your game! I've never finished one either maesenko, but we have one game going on 7 years now :P


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