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Since the Reforge is active now, I'm not sure whether to post issues here, or in the standard "Help": section. I'll post some here, and if that's not appropriate, move them later.

* The editor of a page probably does not need to be emailed about changes to that page by default.
* Emails are still a mess. _Please_ just remove the content of the edited page from page update emails. The link is sufficient.
* "h2" header text is an invisible white in Preview mode.
* Block-quoted text is a nearly-invisible grey color on the live page.
* How do I get to the Obsidian Portal Home page? The "Home" link at the bottom of every page takes me to my Dashboard.
* I think "Help" and possibly "Home" should be added back to the top bar of the campaign.
* I still like the idea of a Blogger-style "Next Campaign" button in the header bar, so it's easy to find neat new campaigns.
* I expect the "All Campaigns" item in the "Campaigns" menu to take me to a list of all of _my_ campaigns.
* I don't see any kind of "Textile Help" link in editing view any more. For that matter, the link for this Forum seems to be broken.

Unfortunately I dropped out of gaming for several months right when the Reforging was in full swing, so I got to give a lot less input than I had hoped, and am not entirely clear as to the current goings-on.


  • Calion
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    * Instead of a "See All Pages" button as the only thing in the right sidebar of a Wiki page, I'd like to see a list of all Wiki pages. That way, there is a default organization of Wiki pages, even without having to create some sort of Directory page. Not entirely sure what it would look like if you had hundreds or thousands of pages, though; probably "A-F" "F-M" etc. links.
  • GamingMegaverse
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    @Calion There is a list already compiled, one that DreadGazebo/Jerry said, "I’ve also passed this entire amazing forum thread on to the devs to take a look at the comprehensiveness Belrathius has given us here."
    Please add any of your outstanding issues there, at the "New Reforge Issue Tracking List":

    That way it is in one spot for the devs, who I hope will be going here soon.
    Until then, help tickets are being resolved fastest....

    "A God...Rebuilt":
    "OP's COTM April 2012":

    Just trying to help out.

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