Wrath of the Righteous - Online Pathfinder Campaign (Closed)

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I am looking to run a weekly pathfinder campaign using the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path. To facilitate this we will be using raidcall, for voice chat, and roll20 for a virtual tabletop.

Currently I am looking at Wednesday or Sunday evenings, sometime between 6pm-10pm est to start, and it being a 4 hour or longer block. More specific times to be determined as I get people signed up and see what works best for the group. Start date to be determined when we have the players and schedule worked out.

If you would be interested in taking part send me a pm. I would note that one potential player is new to tabletop games, so some patience is likely to be required.

The campaign page can be found here:

Edit: We now seem to be full.
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