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I'm thinking of developing an app to interface with OP but I'm unsure whether or not the API is still available. None of the documentation has been updated since 2011 and I'm concerned that the reforging may have altered it. Is the documentation found at http://help.obsidianportal.com/kb/api/api-overview still valid?


  • ramblurr
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    *chirp chirp* This post is almost 5 months old.

    I'd like to know the answer to this question too. Is OP still supporting developers using their third-party API?
  • Basileus
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    If you're looking for an official response from the staff, probably best to post in the "Help section":http://help.obsidianportal.com/

    I don't think the devs visit these community forums much anymore.
  • RolandDurandal
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    The API is still valid. The most complicated part is the "OAuth":http://oauth.net handshake. ObsidianPortal uses "OAuth 1":http://oauth.net following "twitter's implementation":https://dev.twitter.com/docs/auth#intro.
    Which language are you developing in? I develop in the .NET framework of languages and have written an "OWIN":http://owin.org/ authentication handler that you can look at and use. It is available on "github":https://github.com/willegetz/NoTPK.Owin.Security.ObsidianPortal. Once you get the authentication part down, making calls is fairly easy. An indispensable tool for figuring out the authentication process as well as the API calls: the "Rest Console":http://restconsole.com chrome extension. Once you have your application registered with Obsidian Portal, you can use your keys with the "Rest Console":http://restconsole.com to figure out the "OAuth":http://oauth.net implementation and begin exploring the API. The only call I had a problem with was when looking up a "wiki page":http://help.obsidianportal.com/kb/api/api-wiki-pages by slug instead of by ID; I get a "504 gateway timeout":http://httpstatusdogs.com/504-gateway-timeout, not a big deal when practice is to use the ID.

    Cheers, and Happy Coding!
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