Black Earth - Online Pathfinder Campaign

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*Update* Well, I got a lot more applications than I thought I would in such a short amount of time. I'm afraid I'm no longer taking them. Good luck to everyone looking for a game.

Kyron, the Red King is recruiting allies to aid him in his mission to destroy an organization that threatens the safety of his world, the lives of the Gods, and the stability of Creation. If you wish to join his quest, you have only to ask.

You can come to a world that is a future of our own, long destroyed and reforged by magic and dragon’s fire. It is a tight mixture between science fiction and fantasy, with plenty of room for sword-wielding knights, dusty Gunslingers, bearded wizards, arcane cyborgs, or even talking dogs. You will join Kyron on Shasva, his spaceship orbiting the dead Earth in the future so distant, it lies beyond the reaches of time. From there you can go to almost any place and time.

h2. Information

*Campaign:* "Black Earth":
*Level:* ~15
*Platform:* "Maptool 1.3 b89":
*Meeting Time:* Undecided. Depending on the availability of those who want to join. Any weekday besides Friday, from 6:30 to 10:30 "EST":

*Playstyle:* Light to Moderate combat, with more emphasis on role playing. The GM can be flexible in the name of fun and fairness and creativity on the part of the players is encouraged.

"Application to Join":
"Campaign Notes":
"Session Logs":
"Other Media":
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