Differences between preview and actual

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Maybe someone can help.

The Title settings do not seem to correspond between the preview and the actual.

I have .jpgs of the differences, can I post them here somewhere so someone can explain what I am doing wrong?


  • Basileus
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    I know the preview doesn't display any custom styling you have for your campaign. The preview always looks like default Obsidian Portal styling. Is that what you are seeing?

    Edit: It also uses a much wider window than the actual content does.

    Also edit: So, in short, you aren't doing anything wrong. The preview is just of limited value, basically just to see if your Textile is doing what you expect it to, but not to see what the final product will look like after styling.
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  • Craig_the_Lucky
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    No, it's not custom. I'm using the online textile editor.

    Disappointing. I was hoping to get better functionality out of the new site.
  • GamingMegaverse
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    Some of the preview definitely does not line up- but I have so much custom I always thought that was the problem.
    I would submit a bug report if I were you Craig the Lucky.
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    Just trying to help out.

  • Basileus
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    Some notes and a quick fix on the preview:

    The preview uses the .preview-content and .reveal-modal classes, rather than the .main-content and .main-content-container classes. So, theoretically one could structure one's CSS to reflect that and apply the same settings to both. Probably more trouble than it is worth in most cases though.

    To just fix the size of the preview box (which to me is probably the biggest issue), one can get pretty close by setting the width and left properties of the .reveal-modal class. For default width campaigns, this works pretty well:

    @.reveal-modal {width: 730px; left: 71%;}@

    Custom width campaigns may have to play with the numbers a bit, the width should equal roughly 58.33% of the total content width. For example, for my 1440px campaign I use this:

    @.reveal-modal {width: 840px; left: 68%;}@

    It isn't an exact match, but its much closer than the default (the preview still adds in an additional layer of padding that is not in the final content, just under 1em thick, so the preview is still slightly narrower than the final results). Does a better job of showing how the final layout will look (as far as positioning and sizes, not so much with colors and other styling).
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  • Pils
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    That's perfect! Thanks Basileus!

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  • Basileus
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    Glad its helpful!

    And thanks for the favorite Pils :)
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