Savage Worlds - Pirates (play-by-post) Campaign Looking for 4-5 players

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All hands on deck! The year is 1664 and there are fortunes to be made and lost…. or stolen…. in the waters of the Caribbean and its islands, coves; secret and otherwise.

In these times it takes courage and daring to carve out a niche and forge a new legend. Will you sail the high seas in search of fame and fortune, lead a band of buccaneers in search of booty, or captain a ship of the line in the service of King and country?

Sailors throughout the Caribbean regularly joked about their deaths, particularly death by hanging, which was referred to as “The Hempen Jig”.

The salt of the air, the sound of the waves, the clear, blue transparent waters beckon you to find your fame and fortune — the question is whether you can avoid the Hempen Jig!

NOTE: I also a DM on for a number of other RPG games (Pathfinder, D&D Basic, Traveller, Savage Worlds – Pirates, Savage Worlds – Deadlands, Aces and Eights.)
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