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So I feel like I've got Heroes Unchained mostly where I want it (minus the banner, still gotta work on that piece). I have one problem that's still plaguing me though.

When I view my Front Page of Heroes Unchained in IE the main column is pushed to the right and the side bar is pushed down below.

Looks fine in Firefox and Chrome. I also took out 90% of my old CSS formatting just to make sure that wasn't it as well. Double checked my inline CSS where I call out any WIDTH as well. I *think* I got them all set to AUTO or nothing that was a huge overlapping width that would cause it to push the sidebar down.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

*EDIT:* I'm using IE 11.

"Heroes Unchained": - _From Slaves To Legends_

Heroes Unchained: CotM 2013


  • ChainsawXIV
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    This is happening because you're missing a closing div tag somewhere in you page content, so it's gobbling up the that's supposed to be closing the center column before the right column begins. Where exactly that closing tag should be in your code... only you can tell, as only you know what you were trying to do where and how.

    Hope that helps. :)
  • NinjaFlashX
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    DOH! You were right on Sir Chainsaw. Closing div at the very end. Thanks for the assist!

    "Heroes Unchained": - _From Slaves To Legends_

    Heroes Unchained: CotM 2013

  • Eck
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    I ran into a strange IE 10 behavior on the front page as well. It looked fine in Chrome and Firefox, but for IE 10, it was weird. The border looked like a 1 inch vertical line at the top left of the main-content block, and the background-color didn't show up either.

    My css and HTML turned out to be fine. After tearing my hair out for hours, I finally stumbled across a known issue where IE 10 doesn't recognize the "main" html element. Luckily there is a simple css fix that gets it to display appropriately.

    @/* Need this to have IE 10 respect the "main" html element for borders and background-color on the class .main-content */
    display: block;

    After adding that to my css, it worked like a champ.

    - Eck
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