Looking for a dedicated player to join an ongoing Play By Post Campaign

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Morning All.

I am the current GM of a Pathfinder Campaign - Reclamation the Stolen Lands (https://reclamation-the-stolen-lands.obsidianportal.com/). This is our version of the Paizo Kingmaker Campaign and has been running steadily for almost 7 months now (with a small hiatius due to the confusion created by the re-forging).

We have a healthy gaming group of myself and three other players, all based in Canberra or Sydney, Australia. All of us are gaming buddies that either through time or distance, have found it difficult to find sufficient time to do face to face gaming, so have been playing via posting. It has been slow, steady and yet rewarding.

Anyway, we are looking for a new player to join our group. We are looking for a mature person, that is friendly, knows the Pathfinder rules pretty well (but isnt a hardcore rules lawyer) and is happy to post on a regular 2 to 3 day schedule. as this is a play by post game, we would also expect that this person is literate and able to write in a clear, imaginative and descriptive manner.

The current group is made up of a human cleric, half-orc bard and shadeling ranger. So there is a plenty of room for a front row fighter, druid, mage, sorceror, witch, summoner or whatever you want!

If you believe you are this person, please drop me a line here. Please tell me a bit about yourself, your gaming experience, preferred style of play and so on. Also happy for you to direct me to any previous posting or gaming online you have participated in.

Look forward to hearing from you!



  • Teak_Dhara
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    I would be interested in joining you. I have been roleplaying since 1980 and am participating both as a player and a GM on many campaigns on this site. From a GM perspective, I run three active campaigns on this site (Pathfinder, Traveller, Savage Worlds-Deadlands). I also a player in 3 campaigns (Traveller, AD&D 3.5 and Star Wars Saga).

    I am also planning a D&D Basic, Go Fer Yer Guns (western RPG), Savage Worlds-Pirates and Squared Circle (Pro Wrestling RPG) campaigns on this site.

    As you can probably began to sense, I love RPGing (all types) and I am on this site daily posting as a player, GMing and building new campaigns so your posting requirements of "every 2-3 days" is not a problem for me.

    I really enjoy smart and witty dialogue and as a real-life attorney, I hope that my language skills are up to par.

    Check out my profile for links to my campaigns to get a sense of my style and skill.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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