How do I prevent my Adventure Logs from auto-collapsing?

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Does anyone know a way via CSS (or even html) to prevent all my Adventure Log posts from collapsing? This is a very undesirable behavior for our format that has become the default with the overhaul.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • dawnhawk
    Posts: 113
    .adventure-log-index .post-content{height:auto;}
    .adventure-log-teasers .row .post-column {height:auto;}
    .adventure-log-teasers .adventure-log-post {height: auto;}

    That should do it (I have a lot of CSS going on, so I may have some other stylistic things making other things look "right" in there, but those should be the three divs that are actually "collapsed" on the index page).
  • onsilius
    Posts: 50
    This is exactly it.

    Thanks to dawnhawk and wolfhound both for helping me!
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