Campaign setting in Norway 1947... Prices?

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I do have an ok grasp of the setting and what I want to do. I`m from Norway and I think I know enough to run a game in my superheroes version of the world.
However, there are a few things I would like to know more about. Like what things costed back then! How do I find out? Google hasn`t been much help...


  • saethone
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    my suggestion would be to look up inflation rates between then and now and reverse-calculate everything.
  • ninjazombie42
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    Thank you! Great idea:)
  • saethone
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    No problem. Always a pain to try and figure out minute details like that, hah.


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  • Basileus
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    In 1947 (and lasting until 1949), the krone was fixed at a value of 4.963 Norwegian kroner to 1 U.S. dollar. If you are having trouble finding inflation data back that far (the EU database only goes back to '56) you could use that as a basis instead. Using that:

    * A $2 cup of coffee today would have cost about 94 øre then.
    * A $10 meal today would have cost about 4.71 kroner then.
    * A $30,000 car today would have cost about 14,144 kroner then.

    Accounting for inflation and currency conversion, simplified into a single operation:

    *Cost in '47 Norwegian kroner = Cost in modern US dollars * 0.471485*

    Edit: -Note that what you are effectively getting is the cost of purchasing US goods using Norwegian kroner in 1947, not exactly what purchasing Norwegian goods locally would have been. Howevery, that is probably still a pretty good estimate as the post-war agricultural and industrial shortages were still in effect and the Marshall Plan hadn't been implemented yet, so that probably balances out.- For extra realism, just make things like food and gas a bit more expensive than above, and things like clothing and local goods slightly cheaper.
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  • ninjazombie42
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    Thanks a lot, but I actually found a norwegian one that goes all the way back to 1865 at!
    It seems 1kr back then has about the same value as 18.5kr had last year. So if I divide everything by 20, as base, I guess it`ll be belivable.
    Thanks for great input! I`ll keep your note on adding realism in mind!
    Not really sure how much prices and money will come into play, if at all, but nice to at least have an idea if the heroes stumbles into a bar and asks about the prices!:p
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