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I primarily use default formatting and basic Textile headers on my wiki pages to avoid issues with formatting. Unfortunately, in the new format, I can't distinguish a difference between Header 3 (h3.) and Header 4 (h4.). It seems worth reporting as a bug because there is a notable difference between Header 4 formatting in the preview window (bold with a horizontal rule beneath, which I like) and the same formatting after publishing (Header 3 and 4 being the same large, unbolded text with no horizontal rule beneath).

Cheers, and keep up the good work.


  • erlanter
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    Also, RedCloth formatting for ["definition lists":] is missing the indent after bold text, which defeats the point.

    bq. - old bolded terms := used to have indented definitions after them

    bq. - new bolded terms := only have line breaks before their definition

    bq. *Definitions without Indents That Follow*
    Seem pointless, since since they're simple to replicate with normal formatting.
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