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Hi everyone,

Dropping by to introduce myself: I am a long time gamer, ever since 1989 when I opened the D&D red box and put my players through the meat grinder that was Castle Gygar. Anyway, after much playing and GMing, I'm currently trying Monte Cook's new roleplaying game: Numenera, a blend of fantasy and science-fiction. It's a genre I really love as I am a great fan of Jack Vance's Dying Earth or Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy playing it.

Current Campaign: Numenera - "(classname)Tales of the Far Future, Book I: The Legacy of the Ancients(title tooltip)":


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    Welcome Hugopt

    Nice looking front page. As a fellow "RED BOXER" I would like to welcome you to the forums and wish your campaign all the best.

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    Welcome Hugopt!
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    Here to help anyone- Send me a PM

    Just trying to help out.

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    We are likewise trying the Cypher system game play for the first time after years of D&D/Pathfinder rules.
    Numenera in our game has become something of a dilemma, being able to have useable cyphers when resolving an encounter when you are receiving the cyphers after the fact. As starting players we have the minimum cyphers and frequently are stymied by the fact we have good cyphers but cannot use them at the time we need them. We understand that hoarding is a no-no, but the ability to select a useful cypher in a timely fashion is difficult.
    On page 278 of the Core Rule Book we see ..."Cyphers keep the game fresh and interesting. Over time, characters can learn how to safely carry more and more cyphers, so the devices really do end up seeming more like abilities and less like gear." AND on page 280, we see that unidentified cyphers can be taken to Aeon Priests to identify/activate.
    Can a character carry unactivated cyphers without the Cypher Danger effects coming in to play?
    Does anyone have the mechanics or guidelines for PCs to carry more cyphers? We did find the cypher bag but that also has limitations.
    All suggestions are welcome.
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