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I've looked around for a while, but can't seem to find any way to ignore or otherwise prevent myself from viewing the posts of another user. Does anyone know of a way to do this, or if it can be done at all?

Thank you. :)


  • dawnhawk
    Posts: 113
    Unless OP has installed the plugin - no. Vanilla forums do not have that feature by default.

    That being said - you could just choose not to read a post - or in the event you do accidentally read something, just walk away. And while that likely sounds snarky, it isn't. I tend to be rather laissez-faire in my dealings with the masses on the internet and never saw much of a point of software providing a "see no evil" function.
  • Bret_
    Posts: 18
    That didn't come off as snarky, no. Thank you for the response. :)
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