What happened to the mobile site?

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I loved running the mobile site for obsidian portal because I didn't have to worry about a lot of things loading, it was easy to use, had thumb-sized buttons, and loaded quite quickly.

But it is gone now. Just...gone. Now my phone and tablet loads the entire desktop site, which takes forever, and doesn't seem to work correctly either (I have an Android). When I zoom in, any number of things (dividers?) move into the area I was trying to click with large gorilla hands, taking over the whole screen, meaning I must click things many times before I get the result I like, as I click at least two links when it isn't zoomed in. Also, when I type, it takes a long time for the text to appear. This happens on two devices so far, my Galaxy Note II and my Kindle Fire HD.

Why did you get rid of the fast loading, clean, concise, and easy to use mobile site? Is there ever going to be a mobile version of OP, or will it forever be the slow and clunky desktop site? Unlike some who've complained, I have found great use for OP, and it is a great place to store my campaigns' data, so I'm not going to 'leave' because of this, but it was nice to be able to pull up the site on my Kindle and show everyone a picture of a character while they passed it around, instead of having to flip my laptop back and forth, and just before the relaunch, the mobile site was running even better than before, and I figured that that was because of the relaunch; I guess I was wrong.

Is there any plans to get the site to run better than it currently does on mobiles?
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