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Hello! So I've been on Obsidian Portal but have completely ignored the community section (what kind of person am I?) since I've only done a few things on my campaign here. Unfortunately my campaign is quiet a complex project since it's more of a campaign setting. If you couldn't tell from the title, I'm a bit of a japanaphile (is that even a word and if so did I even use it properly?) and on top of making a whole campaign setting I'm also working on making a Final Fantasy conversion for D&D 4E for that campaign. That means I'm coming up with all new classes, powers, and races and a few game system modifications. My pool of information, other than the obvious myriad of Final Fantasy games, is from the Final Fantasy wiki - which has been great for coming up with the history behind the various worlds in the series - and the 3.5/Pathfinder Final Fantasy d20 project.

I've suggested a "new feature":http://forums.obsidianportal.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=3483&page=1#Item_1 mostly out of a selfish desire to be able to get a custom css character sheet online that matches what I'm doing with my campaign.

I usually go be either Mienk or Murasame.


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    Greetings Murasame

    With so many REFORGE changes and issues, it is easy to forget to look into the NEWCOMERS Section these days. I apologise. Good to have people entering "The Community" at any time.

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    Welcome Murasame!
    Your ideas are rich! Let us know how we can help!
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    Just trying to help out.

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    Welcome, Murasame.

    As something of a Japanophile myself, I think I may have to keep an eye out for things from you.
    Have fun!


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    Hi Murasamae!

    We are very busy with the Reforge, but you will find many helpful and friendly people here!

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    (And I'm so soooorry for my poor english...)

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