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I noticed there is a thread for adding official game systems, which is vital for those looking to use custom DST character sheets with their campaign. What if that wasn't the case?

Right now, when submitting a DST, or searching for one, you have to use one of the game systems that have been added to Obsidian Portal's database; however, in settings you can type in whatever you'd like as your game system. What I would like to see is a system where DSTs can either be submitted with the official game systems dropdown menu - which could use a little alphabetizing - or by typing in the name of a custom game system. Any GM that uses that exact typing - Maybe ignoring caps - can bring up any of those custom DSTs. There could either by a check box to select which of the two types (official or custom) or if anything is typed in the custom game systems box the drop box selection is ignored.

For example. I'm working on a Final Fantasy campaign setting. In terms of the actual game system I'm only slightly modifying some of the D&D 4E systems. So, in my campaign I go to settings and I type in 'Final Fantasy 4E' as my game system. Then, after lots of blood, sweat, and tears - or some groveling to an established DSTer - when submitting the new custom DST I type in the box, below the drop box, 'Final Fantasy 4E'. Now, if I go to edit a character page I'll see that DST and any others that were submitted and approved with the custom game system of 'Final Fantasy 4E'.
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