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I'm about to start a game where I expect years of time to go by in game. As such, I'd like to have the NPC pages reflect the character's current age and not have to go and change all of them every time a year (or decade) passes. Is there a way I can have a place on my campaign (presumably a wiki) such that I can update the current year and the PC's ages will just update?


  • saethone
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    I don't believe so, but you could list their date of birth instead and let your players do basic math :P
  • dawnhawk
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    Thwarted by connection reset...

    Initial thought (no testing, no guarantee) - if you set up a DST for your campaign (this requires a bit of programming knowledge - disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer), you could conceivably hardcode in a global "year value", have "year of birth" field. And a second field for age that is "year + year of birth".

    Then when time passes - you'd update the hardcoded year in the DST, submit it for reapproval - and all of your npc's using that DST would have their age autoupdate to the new theory!!
  • ChrisH
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    I figured I'd be stuck with something like that dawnhawk. The DST is definitely something I'd like to get into and one of my players is a web coder so we might be able to go that rout. So outside of java or jquery there's no grabbing a value from somewhere else where I have global variables declared and then doing math on them. (sigh)
  • dawnhawk
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    Variables and dynamic code requires the best of my knowledge the only place you can do custom scripting on OP is in a DST. Sorry. :(
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