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I've been working on a DST for a while (the first version has been approved) but it doesn't seem to be loading properly in the character page. I tested it in the devkit and it works fine but once I uploaded it to the site, the fields won't load as editable. Avatar, bio, nothing loads. Can anyone take a look at this and tell me if there's something wrong with the code or is javascript killing it?

Here's the DST: https://www.obsidianportal.com/dynamic_sheet_templates/174

Any help is much appreciated!


  • dawnhawk
    Posts: 113
    Um - sorry this may be a dumb question - what Javascript?

    When I look at the DST you have linked there is nothing in the JavaScript window. Did you perhaps miss copying the JS over to the uploaded version?
  • edgey
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    Sakurashima I had the same issue, it's because your slug name has a "-" in it. Remove that and you will be golden.
  • MarcRichardson
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    Hey folks, I'm not a programmer, but I am having a problem with a DST that supposedly was approved for Traveller. seems that I am unable to use any of the character sheets available for Traveller for my game (I did not make the sheets, only using what is out there.). That is problem 1. My second problem is when I post anything in description or Biography, or GM Notes, then I select "preview", this pops up.

    This travellerdaysoffuturespast.obsidianportal.com page can’t be found

    No webpage was found for the web address:https://travellerdaysoffuturespast.obsidianportal.com/previews

    HTTP ERROR 404

    So, in short, I have no subforums for my characters or game (which I used heavily), I can't use approved DST's for said game, and I can't save anything without errors. And yes, I have submitted multiple bug reports, which I have not been (for what I pay for my Ascendent memebrship) even remotely happy with the tech support, or with their level of communication which I am playing between "telemarketer" and debt collector...sorry..sorry..I am just so frustrated with this site since the vaunted "reforge" that I am not giving another dime until at least what should a simple fix is resolved..Once again, I apologize for my rant but I have been dealing this over a year! a year! nothing!! arrghhh!

  • abu_is_evil
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    Sorry Marc, really truly.  Things have been really bad for a while.

    As far as the DST, pm Chainsaw directly- he is the keeper of the DST's as a volunteer.  https://www.obsidianportal.com/profile/ChainsawXIV

    Just trying to help out.

  • hades200082
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    All of the already approved Traveller DST's are broken.  I couldn't get any of them to work correctly.

    I've created and submitted a new one that does work but OP_Support doesn't seem to want to approve it (at least when I ask they come back with nonsense replies like "send us screenshots of your problem" or "You can do it yourself on the DST page".

    Chainsaw, the volunteer that was approving them previously seems to have gone silent.  he's not posted on the forums since September last year (2016) and I've had a message in to him privately for almost a month now with no reply.  Others have said they've messaged him even further back than me and have had no reply.

    So right now it seems that the company that owns OP doesn't want to do anything relating to maintenance or moderation for the site and the volunteer they've appointed is awol.  I suspect, as time goes on things will start to break and people will start pulling their subscriptions in protest.  Once that starts its all down-hill to the site closing unfortunately.

    It's a great site with some handy features but I certainly won't be paying a sub for it until:

    1. My DST gets approved so I can use it with my group

    2. The company behind OP starts taking a more active interest in serving its customers.

    Such a shame for such a great site to go this way.

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