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Not sure if anyone has asked.

In our old system, I could click on a image in the list of images, and it would paste the url. such as:

bc. !!

It now pastes the image like this:

bc. !(media-item-align-none)//!

I was able, in the past, to then simply grab the image url, and paste it into whatever code I wanted to use, such as:

bc. background-image:url('');

How do I do the same using the new code? Does this make sense? Help please, because this is a major change and I am clueless as to how to use the new code to do what I want done.



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  • Savannah
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    I'm pretty sure you just grab the bit between the parentheses

    bc. background-image:url('//');

    I had some code for images like that working, but then I changed my mind and deleted it, so unfortunately I can't double check, but I know I didn't do anything fancy. (Of course, background-image can be done much more easily by uploading the image to OP directly now.)
  • madartiste
    Posts: 328
    Actually, this part is enough:
    I've already been using it and it works fine. Just slap an http:// in front of that and you can use it.
  • Keryth987
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    Yea. What Savannah said

    Plop it after an http: and you're good to go

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  • PhoenixMark
    Posts: 90
    Thanks! I figured out another, complicated workaround…

    I just copy and paste the old style code, then plug the asset number and the picture name from the new code. That is a pain, but it works. I will try your solution when I get a few minutes.
  • Savannah
    Posts: 188
    Ah, I was debating whether or not the ?numbers was necessary. I'm pretty sure when I did it, I didn't need the http://, but I can't swear to it.
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