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Hi There,

I noticed there a lot of quality users out there capable of creating custom CSS that gets the job done where the reforged site has failed us.

I have a request concerning the character page.

I love the new layout visually, save for two major failing points:
1. The main concern is that the characters listed as Player Characters are no longer sorted in any fashion at the top. This was a very useful feature that allowed you to prioritize you PC's in a sorting fashion, without having to use the tags.
2. The character pages no longer contain the picture provided in the preview window.

If anyone is willing to put in the time, I could really see value in custom css that:
- Sorts the Character Page by PC or not PC, potentially with Headers designating both.
- Adds the uploaded character picture in the individual Character Page itself.

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.


  • madartiste
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    What do you mean by "The character pages no longer contain the picture provided in the preview window"? My character pages have their pictures on the right hand sidebar next to the bio/description content...

    As for segregating the PCs, there's no way to do that even by CSS as far as I can see. There's no special class for the PC stubs that I've found -- though I might have missed it somewhere in the code, I guess. What you *can* do is put a space in front of the name of your PCs which will bump them to the front of the list. IE -- without the quotes -- " Bob The PC" "Bob Not The PC"
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  • morethanbob
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    The picture issue i'm referring to is apparently the fault of the css code I have in place to make the wiki area more wide. It hides the picture until you hover over it. So ignore that one for now. Example:
  • kenurion
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    Workaround: Preface each PC name with (PC). The alphabetizer will put these at the top before names starting with "A"
  • madartiste
    Posts: 328
    Oh yeah, you must've used Langy's code for hiding the sidebar. Not much to be done for that unless you want to change that piece of code.
    Though you COULD just use to put the image in your description section. You'd have to do that for each character, of course.
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