What do you like about the Reforge? (not sarcastic)

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There's definitely been a lot of transition pain, but what features do people like about the Reforge?

I’m feeling pretty good about the forums now that I've gotten used to interface. It’s fewer clicks to hop across forum topics, and it’s much easier to manually scan the posts since you don’t have to keep clicking to get to the next batch of ten. Big usability improvement over Preforge. Caveat: my campaign did not and does not use sub-forums.

I like the "last login" tracker on the dashboard. We're PbP. During Preforge, I had to manually search for a player's most recent forum post to figure out if I should send a participation warning. The "last login" tracker is a big time-saver and gives me confidence I haven't missed a more recent post.


  • Viehmagnat
    Posts: 24
    I really like the dashboard.
    The campaign wide search is great.
    The "last login" tracker is a big win.
    I find the aesthetics of the out-of-the-box OP have a more up-to-date feel.

    I actually preferred the old forum-style forums over the scroll to infinity approach they have taken with the reforge. I'll give it time though. Maybe it will grow on me. Adding sub-forums back may also improve things for my group.
  • ketherian
    Posts: 203
    I like :
    * the new characters page and that I can sort by tag; as now I can find NPCs/PCs quickly with the search.
    * that I can see when the players (and GMs) last logged in; as it tells me if I have to poke someone to get a response.
    * the dashboard. As an entrance point it has almost everything I need to see what's changed on the site.
    * campaign-wide search. As Viehmagnat said previously - it is great. I have a deeply nested wiki; so the campaign search is a real time saver.
    * the notification button. I didn't know what it was until it went red and directed me to a video explaining things about the site. It's a great way to show system-wide site information using a push methodology.
    * the toolbar. At first I didn't like it much; but after using it for a week I find it very useful.
    * the forums. I've not played around much with the forums. In general I like the new way to access forum threads, and find posting a bit easier.
    * the calendar. I like the look of the calendar, but am not yet use to the methodology for adding an event. So I find it more cumbersom than the old way.
    * the login. Ditto frankly for the way you log in. Looks great, but it's cumbersome for someone who has a direct (ie not linked) account.

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  • JayJay
    Posts: 10
    I like the "New..." dropdown across the top. No more having to go into Wiki to create a new wiki post. No more having to go into Characters to create a new character. Wherever Iam in the site when inspiration strikes, I can start the appropriate page in one click.
  • MarkGiguere
    Posts: 53
    I like a lot of stuff.

    First, the overall look is much better. It looks and feels like a modern website, not a bare-bones blog-with-benefits. Although, ironicaly, we lost the share to Twitter/facebook/whatever that was always available in the old site. Not a big loss, IMO.

    * The "tool bar" at the top is a great addition. It makes adding stuff and navigating from campaign to campaign far faster. The global search is great.
    * The Dashboard is a great addition and is an all-encompassing place to see the activity of you campaign. I think they should try and incorporate the same look as the Front page but...
    * The Editor is much better. It REALLY needed a clean up. I would like a "Save" button at the top in addition to the one at the bottom, to save scroll time, but this is minor.
    * I like the forum layout better now, less "plain text". With the return of subforums, I might start to use them.
    * The calendar is another feature I should use. Not much changed but I like that I can follow it in google calendar. Not sure if this is new though.
    * I like the Adventure log layout better too. More like a feed than a wall of text.
    * Wiki is pretty much the same. Maybe a return of the TAG sidebar? The SEARCH function pretty much renders it redundant but...
    * I LOVE the look of the Character section. Add a PC vs NPC listing and it's perfect
    * The maps section is buggy at the moment. No real zoom, can't add markers etc. It LOOKS good but I will wait for it to be fully functional before making a judgement.

    I would add that the same look and feel should be applied to the Dashboard, the Calendar, the Forums and the Setting sections that the rest of the site, such as the Front Page, has. The point of the Reforging was, in part, to standardize the interface. Right now, it's about 50-50, which kinda defeats the purpose.
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