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I am having trouble with forum editing. I found the edit button for a post just to the left of the "time since post". However, the edit button only appears on some of the forum posts. I haven't been able to figure out a pattern for which ones get the edit icon, and which do not. None of my own forum posts have the edit icon. I do have edit icons for some of my player's posts, but it still is random, as the icon is not on all of their posts. Of the dozen forum posts in the past hour, only four have edit icons. 2 from Player A, one from Player B, one from Player C and none of my own posts.

Anyone else have this issue?


  • Langy
    Posts: 364
    Only thing I can think of is that the icons are actually all for your own posts, they're just not in the correct place? Can you try editing a post and seeing if that's _actually_ the edit button for the post you think it is?
  • Viehmagnat
    Posts: 24 edited November 2013
    The icons appear to be for the posts which they are next to. I am able to edit any posts that have the icon, whether it is mine or one of my players (which came in handy as I had to truncate a sending yesterday and it happened to have an edit button). Which ones get the icon still appears random though. Judging by the lack of comments, it sounds like this is not a common issue. I use generally use Firefox (although I tried it in IE and Chrome to the same effect). The only CSS I use is to make the text entry boxes black on white. The rest of my OP is stock.
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