Shadowrun 5 iPhone Initiative Tracker. 5 Free Copies

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I'm a long time gamer (but not vocal on boards) who has recently quit my job to work on some more fun projects. My first is an Initiative Tracker for SR5. I love the way that technology is starting to make gaming better (PDF books anyone?, the campaigns I'm in on this site!), but I feel like there is much further we can go -- without losing that great face-to-face experience.

We all carry computers in our pockets now -- why can't they take some of the drudgery out of gaming? I love Shadowrun, but it is definitely crunchy. The new Initiative rules are particularly so -- constantly changing values, and a tiny difference in score can make a huge difference in the game.

So, I wrote (and am selling) an iPhone app to help automate Initiative. I think it is a great improvement to the tabletop experience -- I'm loving using it in my game.

Please check it out on iTunes:
or my site

I've got 5 free copies to give away. Simply email the support email listed at my site or hit me up on twitter @eigertech

Thanks for your interest!
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