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I am not sure if this was mentioned somewhere else (and if it was please merge this or redirect it) but I wanted to ask about the wiki feature regarding the email feature.

In the pre-reforged site, when I checked that the page was GM only, it would automatically uncheck the email notifications and leave them off. Now when I update the wiki it leaves them checked and sends out an email (which is odd that it would email a GM only page alert). Just thought it was worth fixing at some point when there is room to breath.

Thanks in advance for your help and efforts. I appreciate it.


  • ketherian
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    Hi ttalamini.

    Good news - the issue is logged with "Belrathius's wonderful New Reforge Issue Tracking List": I'm glad you brought it up, as I was noticing it as an issue on my site last night. No info about when it will be fixed yet, but I'm hopeful.
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