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Hello all. I was thinking of starting a new Campaign based on the Players living in Orc society and playing as Orcs and various Inhuman characters. I was just getting started on OP and then everything went all "New and Confusing". I would like to know if any out there would like to join this type of campaign and if any of you had any inkling on how to use the new portal. THe campaign would be using Pathfinder rules. Look forward to hearing from you.


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    Hi JosephGargiulo

    I play Tabletop games in Glasgow, Scotland so would probably not be part of your world but I like the Stan Nicholls book and love the Pathfinder Game System, so I would like to say HELLO and wish you all the best!

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    Welcome JosephGargiulo! If you could be more specific on your help request would be glad to assist on the portal!
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    Here to help anyone- Send me a PM

    Just trying to help out.

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