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Here's a lesson about color for text and background: Either the text or the background needs to be a dark color while the other is a light color.

With that said I went to edit my Adventure Log and you have a light gray background for the text box with white text. This color scheme is extremely difficult to read. Please make one of them, the background or the text, darker so the text is easy to read and not a strain on the eyes.

Thank you.


  • Ruhar
    Posts: 27
    Looking at the whole site, I want to modify what I said above to include the whole site. You have several pages that have light colored text on a light colored background. Yes, it looks pretty, but come on guys. It needs to be readable without straining our eyes. Many DMs and players have been playing a long time so our eyes aren't as sharp as they use to be plus a lot of us play in rooms that aren't well lit.
  • calubrecht
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    Yes, trying to pick link colors that are dark enough to read, but still distinct enough from the regular text color that you can see them. Very frustrating
  • Belrathius
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    Hi Ruhar,

    Here is the CSS code I use to change every text area for the campaign into white on black:

    input[type="text"], input[type="email"], input[type="password"], input[type="tel"], textarea, textarea:focus, .campaign-settings #style-settings #custom-css-field {color:white !important;background-color:black !important;}

    If you want black on white, just switch the colors indicated.

    This is the code I use to put empty links back to red, because the light grey is hard to read on white backgrounds:

    .create-wiki-page-link {color: red !important;}

    Note that the use of the "!important" flag is crucial for overriding some settings.

    Hope this helps, and none of the code is originally mine, all my Reforge Repair code was taken from others (as opposed to code to repair things unique to my campaign sites).
  • Ruhar
    Posts: 27
    Thank you Belrathius. I will go through everything and add the codes. I really hate when people try to use cute color combinations without considering readability. They need to find a basic design book so they understand the basic rules and why there is a need for the rules.
  • monstro95968
    Posts: 4
    Thank you Belrathius so so much.
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