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So, it seems pretty clear to me where the "Main" and "Main Dark" style colors are used. It seems to me that Main Dark is pretty much just the hover color for Main and that looks great to me.

However, I've only found one place that "Hover" is used: the day labels in the calendar. So, the name Hover seems a bit weird to me... "Active" seems to be only used in the calendar widget on the side of the adventure log, but at least it is the actively selected items there.

Does anyone know of anywhere else those are used? They seem pretty useless right now.


  • Maesenko
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    I've been searching and asking about this as well, and you've pretty much hit it straight on. The only other part I've seen it in is the current gameplay status (active, in planning, etc.). Hover also slightly changes the google maps color, for some reason.

    I'm even using some slightly obnoxious colors just so they jump out at me better. It's odd, though, because the demo pics they posted in the "A few thoughts on theming" thread -- sorry, I don't know how to link in these forums -- seemed to be a little more present.


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