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  • xxxRocketxxx
    Posts: 8 edited October 2013
    I want to know when this kind of change is going to happen again. 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 8 years, or in 10 years?
    I have to figure out if I want to fix what I have, or find an alternative.

    The most important element of what Obsidian Portal offers me as a GM is consistency. It's not about what it looks like today that I am so worried about as much as when I look back at the campaigns in a decade or longer. Is this new format going to last, and how long?

    I could get past the bugs, and broken campaigns to stick around. I need assurances regarding how long this format will last.
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  • EugeneGM
    Posts: 12
    Oh no!

    I ran my game tonight, and when everyone pulled up the site on their phones, the mobile version of the site was gone!

    Your mobile version was AWESOME! It was sleek and easy to use! I mean, sure, it had a few hickups, but overall, it was fantastic!

    Why is it gone? Why? *Cries*

    Seriously though, is this just a hickup?
  • Bookscorpion
    Posts: 58
    Thank you for the quick fix on the editing boxes, it IS much easier to read. I'm still not a friend of white text on a dark background and I'd much prefer black text on light background - but I can work with this.

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  • JohnHutchenreuther
    Posts: 8
    First off, I love the new characters pages. Now that the extraneous information is gone, I can use them for my game. Sticking the character portrait on the right side bar is a beautiful fit.

    The dashboard is the best looking part of the site. If you decided to make the whole thing look like the dashboard, I also would be quite happy with that.

    For every menu option except the dashboard, the Obsidian Portal dragon takes up an obnoxious amount of space. The Dashboard has it right, tucking it gracefully into a corner.
  • JackMunchkin
    Posts: 8
    Hi OP Team

    Thanks for taking into account our comments despite all the negativity. I am confident that the new portal will soon take shape thanks to your efforts.

    A few comments :

    1. Thanks for allowing users to personalize column width, this is very helpful (my configuration is now 1600 px wide FYI)
    2. Text colors (white on gray) is better now
    3. Title of Campaign above banner is hard to read and Bold type should help (minor remark)
    4. Left side bar menus don't have text or logos, just 3 dots... At this stage one has to memorize the order of menus to find his way (or hover up)
    5. On Dashboard page, Right side bar with players, Character names seem to be there but once again, white text on grey BG is impossible to read and go above the enveloppe logo
    6. You should allow users at some stage to easily choose text color and bg color (in order to avoid white on grey issues)
    7. Character PC or NPC do not appear yet (except in detailed page)
    8. Dashboard Page should definitely be used as a template for the whole site. The Campaign banner finally takes to much space, plus the dragon logo above it. It may look nice but fast access to content is more important.
    9. Adventure log : the number of lines readable is predetermined to 6, the 7th being blurred. We should be able to decide how many lines can be read on front page without cliking "Read More" imho.
    10. Otherwise, the initial negative is starting to fade away (but I am not an old user so don't have the resentment regarding the loss of features and time spent on personalization), so keep up the good work guys
  • Donegal
    Posts: 19
    My comments on Reforge so far:

    1. Adventure Log comments. My game is online and over 2 years old. The entire history of the campaign is in those comments. Nuff said. (I understand this is being addressed, Thank you).
    2. Forum. The forum needs to work like a forum and not a Facebook page. I need stickies for important threads and an ability to navigate more fluidly, like a forum.
    3. The Maps were the main reason I was looking forward to the Reforge and they are actually worse. I prefer the lame Google Maps style to this.
    4. Characters. Ok, not really any better than before and image links are broken.
    5. I can't tell what wiki links have content and which need work. They all look the same.
    6. General Feel. I don't really care for the new layout/graphics. OP was a tool to me for my games, not a social media hangout. What I wanted from the Reforge was better maps and custom backgrounds.
  • Strahd42
    Posts: 13
    -Map markers need work, at the very least I should be able to delete them if I dont want them on the page anymore.
  • Psienesis
    Posts: 5 edited October 2013
    1) -As others have mentioned, the center column seems to be intended to hold all of the "meat" of the page you're viewing, but it's tiny. In Chrome, at a custom resolution of 1824x1026, the center column is as wide as the artsy side-bars, with the navigation bars, so that every displayed character sheet is very narrow, very smushed together and very, very long. Made worse by the fact that there is no "default" Dark Heresy character sheet, so I had to build one from scratch, and it was sized for the previous page dimensions. Now it looks like... terrible. Worse, it's terribad.-

    Fixed in Advanced Settings by adjusting the content width. Thanks!

    2) I *need* my sub-forums. I have a game group that is active on our forums in the time between game sessions, talking about the game itself, having IC conversations "in camp that night" so as not to waste the party's time at the table with these side-conversations, discussions of game lore and such, posting plans for the party's endeavors, as well as posting game-related art created or found on the web, and the occasional (or not-so-occasional) NSFW picture (game-related or not). I *really* cannot have this latter type of post being displayed by default on the forum page. In the old format, with my subforums, I could see that someone posted something to the "Art and Pictures" sub-forum, and knew to check that on my phone, rather than on my computer at work, because there might be some Vallejo art or some Sisters of Battle art, or something from some sort of Slaaneshi cult or some sort of meme-art that might not be SFW. As it stands now, though, all of that is thrown onto the screen in a large, super-obvious-from-across-a-room format... so that means I can't risk using my campaign forums while I'm at work.

    I want my sub-forum organization back.

    Also, I was keeping a forum for links to other sites, like online miniatures sellers, online gaming resources, art resources, research resources, all kinds of stuff. This particular forum was not frequented very often, being as it was not a place for anyone but myself as the GM... and in that it was not a high-traffic forum, it is now not something I can get to easily with the forums only displaying the "hot topics". *Need* my GM-only forums back.

    3) Most of my players are reporting issues with their accounts being unable to view any of the campaign content, even though they are listed as playing in my campaign on my Dashboard, as the GM. Is there a known issue with account registrations or accounts linked through G+ or Facebook? We've managed to cobble things together by me re-sending Friend requests and having people re-link their Obsidian Portal accounts with their social media accounts, though some players only have one social media account that they use for work-related purposes and do not wish to mix gaming with business. For some reason, though, their sign-ins to Obsidian Portals prevent them from actively participating in my campaign here on the site.

    4) My wiki page-links are all now the same color. I have not added content to some of those pages yet, I just had them noted on the main wiki page so that I knew, by the red text, that I still had to create content for those pages. My red text is gone, so now I have to click through every topic to find what needs to be written.
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  • MarkGiguere
    Posts: 53

    been using the site a bit and I would have a usability issue.

    On the dashboard, your menu is Dashboard, Front Page, Forum , Calendar, Adventure Log, Wiki, Characters, Maps and Settings. The Dashboard, the Forum and the Calendar have one look and all these menu items.

    The Front page, Adventure Log, Wiki, Characters and Maps have another look AND only have Dashboard, Front Page, Adventure Log, Wiki, Characters and Maps as menu items.

    First, the different look for 3 out of 9 items violates the very idea of the reforging: consistency.

    Secondly, if I am in the Wiki, how do I go to the Forum directly? Answer: you can't.

    My suggestion: Make everything EXCEPT the dashboard look the same AND add the missing menu items to ALL menus.

    My 0,02$ CDN.
  • Langy
    Posts: 364
    Strahd: Agreed, map markers need work. The one thing I really want is *smaller* map markers; the current ones are too big, especially on a closely-spaced map. This'll be mollified somewhat once we can upload bigger maps, but they're still pretty huge width-wise.

    I think it's likely that we'll get more options for them, though, so I'm not too worried.
  • deljohn
    Posts: 24
    Is anyone else having trouble embedding images? When I click the link to embed an image the whole site locks up and crashes the browser (IE and Chrome).

    I think this is an issue with the number of images we loaded to the image library since it works just fine on an alternate campaign site that has only a few images loaded to the library...
  • SkidAce
    Posts: 830
    It takes about 3 to 4 minutes to load (if there is no crash). I have just been waiting it out.
  • SkidAce
    Posts: 830
    Oddly enough, it looks as if our Obsidian Portal forum avatars are squished also. (In addition to banners etc)
  • jtanzer
    Posts: 5
    That width adjustment option is perfect. Thank you.
  • deljohn
    Posts: 24
    Yes, the width adjustment solves the issue nicely.
  • Savannah
    Posts: 188
    Last update I saw indicated that adventure log comments would be back for sure, but campaign comments were still up in the air. PLEASE bring back the campaign comments as well -- they're a good place to give general comments/praise for the whole site and I dearly loved my comments.
  • EugeneGM
    Posts: 12
    Wiki is spelled WIkI on the side bar except for on the Dashboard, Calendar, and Forums.
  • Bookscorpion
    Posts: 58 edited October 2013
    Would it be possible for us to be able to enter the date of our adventure logs by hand? We've dated our logs in-game, 2071, and I don't cherish the thought of clicking through 60 years to get there... That would be cool.
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  • EugeneGM
    Posts: 12
    @Bookscorpion, I had to make an entry last night, my game takes place in 2048, and trust me, it sucks. You'll be clicking forever.
  • Bookscorpion
    Posts: 58
    Good to know that I'm not the only one with that problem...

    Shadowrun: The Rat's Nest - COTM  November 2014

  • dragoner
    Posts: 37
    _@dragoner – I have seen your comments in support tickets and various other threads here, I’m asking you to please consider coming back in a day or two after Micah and other team members have given some updates and we’ve managed to address some of these concerns._

    DreadGazebo, thank you for your reply, as it stands, there are no logs, no more character sheets ... not much left for me.

    _Dragoner: Mind posting a link to your campaign? I’d like to see what you mean about the images and text being messed up (though of course I can’t do anything about magically making the comments come back)._

    Langy, thanks for your concern, you can see the campaigns here: https://homage-to-peladon.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log and https://traveller-beyond-the-frontier.obsidianportal.com/ until something changes, they are dead now though.
  • BrianAdamantite
    Posts: 43 edited October 2013
    @ Skid ace - If you make your images for the banner 750px WIDE by 169px HIGH the site won't adjust the banner. There default of 750px WIDE by 300px HIGH is an error or typo, or both! :-)

    Keep plugging away we will all get through this and be better for it.

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  • Langy
    Posts: 364
    Dragoner, what browser are you using? I just looked through both of those campaigns and I can't see _anything_ that's messed up, except for maybe two cases of using media-item-align-left to try and make an image float next to a piece of text without having any text below it for it to float next to, and that has nothing to do with the reforging.

    Adventure log comments are being restored as we speak, but your actual campaigns look perfectly correct and usable. You may want to change the color scheme around (which you can do in your dashboard settings under 'style') or expand the column to a wider width (which you can do under 'advanced'), but neither of those options are complicated or use CSS or anything. What's the problem? Can you link me to a page that has some broken image or text?
  • Langy
    Posts: 364 edited October 2013
    Az_Rune: It will adjust the banner if it's only 750px wide; it'll blow it up a bit, making it fuzzy. If you don't want it to adjust the size at all, make the banner 1000x220 pixels. Or wider if you alter the campaign width, but it's always 220 pixels high.
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  • MdBLimited
    Posts: 20 edited October 2013
    Our site took a hard hit... as well.

    Hopefully it is salvageable.

    Our webmaster is working on it... but it looks to be a long road.

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  • Svorinn
    Posts: 3
    I am not really an ascendant, so I can't complain too much, but I will agree with most others that the transition to the new, reforged portal seems to have been suboptimal. Having said that, there are some features that I do like in the new version, so not all is lost.

    Now, a question: I am trying to invite new players to my campaign, using:
    Dashboard -> Settings -> Players -> Invite New Player -> Save
    but I have been unsuccessful so far. I also tried clicking "Open Invites" but it hasn't done anything so far. I apologize if I am missing something extremely obvious, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem...
  • Leonidas300
    Posts: 275
    Is the link issue going to be addressed at any point? because of the "wonderful reforge" I literally have over 5,000 links that can't be distinguished because it bolded everything, It's awesome to think how much time I'll have to spend fixing that instead of working on my actual campaign.


    "A Manifestation of Chaos":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/metzger/wikis/main-page
    COTM - Sept. 2012
  • Langy
    Posts: 364
    If you're ascendant, and can thus use CSS, just stick something like the following in your CSS:

    .main-content a.create-wiki-page-link {
    color: tomato;

    .main-content a.create-wiki-page-link:hover {
    color: firebrick;
  • mistaya
    Posts: 3
    A lot of my issues have been fixed. Thank you VERY MUCH for giving us a few more background options for the free service and unlocking the ability to edit the color scheme, and VERY VERY much for making it easy to expand the column width. Now my page looks better than it did before the change. I don't know anything about CSS or any more than extremely basic HTML and I want to use the site's default settings for the most part, so having those options be easy to use and intuitive is very valuable to me. Many of my friends use OP as a data hub to keep character and setting data for our games in a single easy to access location, as we play online using other forums. So we don't need fancy sites, just functional and easy-to-read and edit ones.

    Two things:
    1) Echoing the desire for unlinked/unstarted wiki-pages to have a different color by default than ones that have been worked on, it just makes things easier.
    2) Currently hyperlinks are by default the same color as the main button color, I'd really like it if there was a default way to separate the two of them, as I'd like to make my dragon logo and buttons a different color (to fit the dark default background) than the hyperlinks (which need to look good on plain white.)
  • bassoon201
    Posts: 9
    1) Site crashes on my friends iphone, he is running an older iOS

    2) I want the option to mail individuals (I liked the old way) in my campaign after replying to a post, instead of just one option - reply all
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