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I might be too early out, but I cannot find a way to upload PDFs on Reforged. Anyone?


  • DreadGazebo
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    The file storage was a stretch goal and we are currently working just to roll out the base reforging of the site, you will see stretch goals manifest in the coming months.

    From the Kickstarter page: _"For this and all future stretch goals, we are targeting a post-August release date. We will do our best to get as much completed as we can by August, but we want to be realistic and open about our timelines. For the file storage locker, we’re aiming for sometime in September."_

    In this case by post-August, we of course mean post-October due to the original date was pushed back. Sorry for any confusion!
  • nodskou
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    Hi there!

    As I write we are in the middle of March, and I still haven't found any means to upload pdf files. What's the update for this stretch goal?
  • SkidAce
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    On Feb 25th 2014, on the blog...they stated "Oh, also we’re working on the file upload stretch goal, it will take a little while, but it’s coming!".

    That's the only update of any stretch goals I can find. Didn't see anything on the kickstarter page either. Which was last updated Dec 3 2013.

    It will be a year since the project was successfully funded in a little over a month. (April 26th 2013).
  • Basileus
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    I've got some files that I would love to be able to upload. Dictionary files for generating names for one of my settings.
  • nodskou
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    To be able to attain their credibility, I think it would be in order to give us some updates. That way the intentions stay true and clear. (To be honest, I find myself with a feeling of being cheated!)
  • Maesenko
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    To be entirely fair, the reforging did get pushed back about 3 months on release, and Feb. 28 was the 4-month point after release. Considering the amount of people working directly for OP can be counted on fingers, and all of them have full-time jobs/lives outside of this site, try to give them some credit for what they have managed thus far.
    I'm not denying it does feel like we have been a bit cheated, but really I only agree to that due to the sorely lacking communication we generally receive on the update schedule. But this is a sentiment thqat has been expressed many times before across several threads, so I'll leave it there.

    OT, it will be nice to get the localized file storage up and running. I would love to have a rolling database of character sheets on backup already on-site.

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  • twiggyleaf
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    This would be a great inclusion, so however long we have to wait will be fine by me but I agree an update would be cool.


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