WARNING - Wiping the beta site on Sunday Oct 27

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I'm going to do a dry run of Monday's deployment, which means wiping the beta servers and testing the deployment process on them. So, if you have any data on the staging server, make sure to save it off somewhere else.

Sorry for the last-minute notice, I should have given more time up-front for this.


  • Langy
    Posts: 364
    Possibly, but I'm pretty sure you warned a long time ago not to actually _use_ the beta servers for much of anything because they were prone to change at any time.
  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 3,001
    Would be great if the beta site got reopened so those of us that paid for it could actually see and improve it.

    Just trying to help out.

  • Maesenko
    Posts: 325
    Would certainly give a better stress test than 5 people can give...


    CotM Selection Committee

  • andreww38
    Posts: 239
    Working on this. There're some technical issues we're working through. Will post an update once it's ready.
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