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Hi. My name is Delite. We live in Northeast Texas and we usually only get to game outside of our personal group at DragonCon. We are wanting to build a presence of PFS in our area of Northeast Texas. I have sent an Email to Mike Brock and Jonathan Cary. I know this is short notice, but help... Here is the offer from the Tyler Rose Comic Con 2013 and Geek World.

Thank you for writing! I would be glad to have you at the con, but I do have some space constraints since we would be adding this late in the game. Here is what I can do:

1. 4pm to 8pm on Saturday for up to 8 players and a GM (private room)

2. 9am to 1pm on Sunday for up to 8 players and a GM (private room)

3. 4pm to 8pm on Sunday for up to 8 players and a GM (private room)

4. have a break out event at Geek World on Saturday or Sunday from 3pm till ? with up to 10 tables and 45 players and 10 GMs (this would be at a separate location)

5. All of, or a combination of some of the above

If you would like to do any of this, let me know asap, and get me information to post on it (i.e. what players will need to bring, short teaser on what adventure will be, etc). I hope we can make this work! And yes, I agree this should probably be free since it is a first time event.

I have three to four GMs, so one GM Saturday and Sunday is no big deal. But would like to also have some presence at Geek World. Would any GMs in your area have a problem with traveling that far to help out?

Thank you so much for your kind attention and consideration of this issue.

Delite (Luna Shadowborn)

Thank You Sincerely,

George Jones
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