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I absolutely love the calendar system. I can put the date and time for the next game on it and set it to send several reminders over time. With that said I do have one suggestion/request. One of my players works as a customer service rep and deals with email all day so she doesn't want to look at email at home. Plus she is WAY behind at looking at her email so she has hundreds if not thousands that she feels she should go through instead of hitting the reset button by deleting all of them. No matter how I plead, beg or nag her she won't check her email at home to get the game notice and respond if she'll be there or not. So, with my busy schedule, which is why I love the calendar system here, I have to remember to call or text her to see if she'll be at the game. This brings me to my suggestion/request. Would you consider putting in a text notification option for the calendar, forum, and anything else that Obsidian sends notifications? It wouldn't have to be the message that was posted, just a text message informing the person that they have a message on Obsidian Portal waiting for them.


  • weasel0
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    Could always suggest to her to set a folder in her email exclusively for OP sender emails. I have about 12 folders with sorting rules to keep my inbox pretty. Makes it very easy to see if anything important has come in that i really care about or not.

    With that said, this would be a neat idea, though that would require OP to buy some kind of SMS system and integrate it along with collecting and storing people personal phone numbers.
  • Ruhar
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    I have tried every argument I can think of including getting a new address that is just for gaming. She just refuses to open her email. I'm afraid I'm going to have to put the hammer down and tell her she has to deal with it because I don't always have the time (or desire) to contact her individually every time.

    I didn't know what it would take to add this feature, I just thought it would be a nice feature. Maybe they could do a kickstarter for it. :-D
  • Thorvaldr
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    This may not be perfect, but I did find "this guide.":http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-setup-free-sms-alerts-for-urgent-emails-in-gmail/

    And wikipedia has a list of SMS gateways "here.":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_SMS_gateways

    I just tried (mynumber)@vtext.com and it seemed to work. So, you could set up an auto forwarding to (hernumber)@(whatever your cellphone prover is).com.
  • Ruhar
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    This is great. I'll check it out and talk to my player. Thanks for sharing.
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