500 Internal Server Error nginx/1.2.6 (Ubuntu)

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This is happening when I am trying to update pages or create them in my campaign, Regnum



  • BrianAdamantite
    Posts: 43
    This error is coming up in Chrome, Firefox, and IE.
  • Bondoid
    Posts: 35
    I am having this problem as well, but only on one campaign, others Im involved with are working fine.
  • kenurion
    Posts: 80
    I'm also having this problem. Can't save updated character sheets, I am able to post on the campaign forum, though.

    Affected campaign: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/guardians-of-the-frontier
  • BrianAdamantite
    Posts: 43
    I am sorry to hear it's not just me, but happy to know I am not crazy, is this a reforge issue?
  • BrianAdamantite
    Posts: 43 edited September 2013
    502 Bad Gateway

    nginx/1.2.6 (Ubuntu)


    Now I am getting this error on the same campaign, what gives? The issue is intermittent when I refresh the page, grrr.
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  • BrianAdamantite
    Posts: 43
    Hmm, the issue appears to have resolved itself for me.

    Thanks, OP
  • Belrathius
    Posts: 206
    I was getting this intermittently last night as well, haven't tested today yet. Also glad to know it's not just me going crazy, but a technical problem on the backend that can be addressed.

    Any ideas (folks behind the server) what the cause may have been?
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