New Pathfinder Dynamic Character Sheet Broken?

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Hey guys,

So I went to make a new npc on my campaign, and low and behold there is a new Pathfinder Dynamic Character Sheet. Not sure when it was added, but I definitely prefer the coloration of the new one.

There's just one problem, its broken! It looks like the code of the character sheet has an extra /div. Anyone know who to contact to get this fixed.


"old sheet":

"new sheet":

"Legacy of Fire":


  • Belrathius
    Posts: 206
    Hi Bondoid,

    At the very bottom of the new sheet, it says "Pathfinder Character Sheet by: jvsulliv", so I would contact them. They would be the one who could fix it.
  • Bondoid
    Posts: 35
    Doh, how did I never notice that, haha
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